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Le Tour Du Monde En 45 Tours (15)

An echo to the actual northern Mali events : I mean WAR!...between the regular malian army and tuareg uprising, who have conquered 2/3 of the malian area (who also represents the "Azawad" their ancestral territory), with the help of Aqmi and Ansar Dinne (salafists and djihadists groups), and the finally repression of the french's ex-settler (who just intervene militarly)... As usual, civilians, and particulary tamashek, fulani & songhai's ethnies are paying the price!
So, I want to share my love of malian music in my next radio shows!
The first part is titled "alghafyat" (who means "PEACE" in tifinagh, the tuareg's alphabet). We will travel trough the dunes of Sahara, in Tamasheq's territory, where the "sand-proof" electric guitars of the Men in Blue are piercing the silence of the desert...
I dedicate it to Mali, its peoples & cultures!

For further informations on Tamasheq music, please visit the following comprehensive site :

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