R-Dwa : Radio Diois

A LA RECHERCHE DU GROOVE PERDU (265) Chansons à boire 3 - Juke joint sound

PLAYLIST 1)Tommy Johnson - canned heat 2)Snooks Eaglin - One scotch, one bourbon, one beer 3)Buell kazee - Old whisker Bill the moonshiner 4)Vera hall - I been drinking 5)Washboard sam - I drink good whiskey 6)Burnett and Rutherford - Little stream of whiskey 7)Bill Johnson’s jug band - Don’t drink it in here 8)Arthur “big boy” Crudup - Keep on drinkin 9)Walter Williams - pass around the bottle 10)Rev. I.b ware with wife and son - You better quit drinking shine 11)Jimmy Rogers - Sloppy drunk 12)Sonny terrey - alcoholic blues 13)Margaret Johnson - Dead drunk blues 14)Robert Johnson - Drunken hearted man 15)Funny paper Smith - Corn whiskey blues 16)Jimmy Johnson’s String band - Drink more cider 17)Sonny Boy Williamson - Blues that made me drunk 18)Louis Jordan - What’s the use of getting sober (when you’re gonna get drunk again)? 19)Blind teddy Darby - Bootlegging ain’t no good anymore 20)George Roark - I ain’t a bit drunk

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