R-Dwa : Radio Diois

GROOVEMAKERS 206 stone and funky

GROOVEMAKERS 206 stone and funky
BEN HARPER - i hear it to the grapevine
D.J ROGERS - ( it's alright now ) think i'll make it anyhow
ARNOLD BLAIR - trying to get next to you
VANESSA KENDRICK - 90% of me is you
SKYLINE - what's going on
THE ISLEY BRORHERS - love the one you're with
EDDIE ROBINSON - god's love song
FRANK McCOMB - whatcha gonna do
CLYDIE KING AND BROWN SUGAR - dance to the music
CHARLES BRIMMER - your mans gonna be in trouble
GIL SCOTT HERON - washington, d.c
CURTIS MAYFIELD - short eyes freak, freak, free
SKYLINE - the ghetto

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