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GROOVEMAKERS 280 jungle mambo shaker

GROOVEMAKERS 280 jungle mambo shaker
DOLLY COOPER - ay la bah
THE SULTANS - boppin' with the mambo
THE NEW YORKER'S 5 - cha cha baby
LOUIS JORDAN - caldonia
THE CHANTER - she wants to mambo
JO ANN HENDERSON - baby please don't go
BULL MOOSE JACKSON - cherokee boogie (eh-oh-aleena)
JOE HENDRICKS - gimme that wine
JIMMY PRESTON - estellina bim bam
CHAMPION JACK DUPREE - shake shake shake
BIG MAMA THORTON - hound dog
ROY BROWN - ain't no rockin' no more
THE JAYHAWKS - stranded in the jungle
ROY GAINES - loud mouth lucy
ETTA JAMES - good rockin' daddy
VERNON GREEN - coupe deville baby
ROY BROWN - i've got the last laugh now
ETTA JAMES - market place
KING PORTER - chittlin' ball
LOUIS PRIMA - jump, jive, an' wail

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