R-Dwa : Radio Diois

J (1970-1999)

Salut les rock'n'rolleurs,
Cette semaine la playlist suivantes:
The Juveniles "I've search" 1967
The James Gang "I don't have the time" 1969
The Jam "Art-school" et "Batman" en 1977
Joy Division "Warsaw" et "Love will tear us appart" 1977
The Arrows "I love rock'n'roll" en 1975
Joan Jett "Bad reputation" en 1980
Bruce Joyner & the Unknows "The Bounce" 1982
The Jesus & Mary Chain "The living end" 1985
Judas Priest "Painkiller" 1990
The Jesus Lizard "Rabid pigs" 1990
Joan Jett "I want you" 1991
Jack & the Rippers "Hawaii" 1995
Jack & the Beanstalks "Slave girl" en 1997
Jerry Spider Gang "Feel like a man" 2001

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