R-Dwa : Radio Diois

M (1983-1999)

Tégéleup, tégéleup, cette semaine en el Diçionario del Rocky'n'Rolly:
Manu Chao et Joint de culasse "Great balls of fire" 1983
The Milkshakes "Jaguar" 1983
The Meteors "Zombie noise" 1983
Minutemen "Viet nam" 1984
Midnight Oil "Bed are burning" 1987
Manowar "Blow your speakers" 1987
Los Macana "Radio gogo" 1988
Mano Negra "King kong five" 1989
Metallica "So what" 1991
Megadeth "Skin'o'my teeth" 1992
Machine Head "Davidian" 1994
The Monsters "Go away your self" 1995
Melt Banana "Rragg" 1994
Molotov "Que no te hagas bobo Jacobo" 1998
Marylin Manson "Sweet dreams" 1999
Mister Bungle "California" 1999
Mouthwash "Fools good" 1999
Moby "Natural blues" 1999
Modest Mouse "What people are made of" 2000
Messer fur frau Muller "The best girl in USSR" 2000
Messer Chups "Auf Wiedersehen show" 2002
Madball "Time bomb" 2005
Man Man "Mister Jung stuffed" 2008
Ministry "What a wonderful world" 2008

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tou metch du hard-rock l'aprèm, sa sé radio dioa! (le 22 04). @

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