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Metal up your Ass # 2 [En Direct]

Metal up your Ass # 2 [En Direct]
Emission en direct, et du coup...Un peu plus longue...

Playlist :
Générique > Inner Self (Sepultura)
-Locust (Machine Head)
-Pissed Off And Mad About It (Texas Hippie Coalition)
-Counterfeit (Limp Bizkit)
-In War And Pieces (Sodom)
-Public Enemy N#1 (Megadeth)
-My Own Summer (Deftones)
-Spit It Out (Slipknot)
-Nothin' To lose (Rebel Meets Rebel)
-Unplugged (Snot)
-Feuer Frei ! (Rammstein)
-Souls Of Black (testament)
-Dust (Cypress Hill)
-Pure Sincerity (Devil Driver)
-Bark At THe Moon (Ozzy Osbourne)
-Straight Hate (Sepultura)
-Cold Blooded (Damage Plan)
-Vote With A Bullet (Corrosion Of Conformity)
-Get Up (KOrn & Skrillex)
-Hisingen Blues (Graveyard)
-Stone The Crown (Down)
-Burn In Hell (Dimmu Borgir)
-Eye For An Eye (Soulfly)

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